In Brief..

Every year making a new five year plan that involves exploring various places around the world. If I keep moving, it'll prevent the moss from growing on my underside...

The Not-so Brief...

Well, let's see, we'll start with the basics. I am a 28 year-old currently living in Seoul, Korea, working as a NSET (Native Speaker English Teacher) with the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education. This is my third contract overseas as I just came from teaching three semesters in Shanghai, China. I love to travel and I love to teach, so these past couple of years have been a great fulfillment of both. You can often hear me muttering - while nose deep in a book, or hunched over a map - "So many places, so little time! (and money!)" I've made a pretty good dent in the world, and have no plans to stop as of yet. You can see pictures from the last two years of travel, under the "Photos" tab.

I am a self-professed nerd and proud of it! I love to learn and if somebody would pay me to be a professional student, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Instead, I spend the non-traveling portion of my funds on education. Still trying to figure out a direction for my Masters, but there are a lot of roads to explore after completing a BSc. (Biology), BA (Anthropology), EADP (Education Assistant Diploma Program) and BEd. (Elementary). Any suggestions are welcome as I realize there is probably a whole world of graduate program and career directions I haven't even explored yet!

Other Interests

In addition to traveling and learning, I love to read, ride my bike, go hiking, cook, bake, entertain, play board games (Scrabble! Cranium!), rescue flea-ridden, ringworm-infected animals from rooftops, and most recently, knit! Check out the knitting tab on my site for my progress. Like this site itself, my knitting is slow but steady - constantly a work in progress!

    This is Zoe - my final Shanghai foster kitten.
      She was rescued heroically from a rooftop
    with a package of Whiskas and a Styrofoam
                      tray by Sara and I.